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Software Development for GIS
and Unmanned Aerial Systems


We offer comprehensive solutions for the management of resources and processes of the UAS business.


Our projects include PROLES 2.0 and Mission сontrol сenter. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the subject area. A dedicated IT infrastructure gives us the ability to maximize the efficiency of our tasks by making sure everything runs smoothly and quickly.


Designed for automated data collection, control, analysis and planning of business processes in a logging enterprise. The system facilitates the control of logging, equipment dispatching, time and fuel consumption tracking at all stages of producing and transporting timber products and other operations.

Mission control center

Mission control center facilitates the centralized control of UAV fleet. Control centralization enables a more sustainable use of material and human resources, which leads to a reduction of the cost of a flight hour, minimizes the human factor through automation and enhances the economic efficiency of operating UAVs.

AVS.PRO is able to bring order and systematize the process of resource management, giving you the opportunity to focus directly on your enterprise and, hence, boost the productivity of your work.