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Every successful business is based on data. Get the maximum benefit from them with a multipurpose tool GEOPLATFORMA IOT, designed for work with geospatial data.


With the help of Geoplatforma IoT, you can create tables, 2D-, 3D-maps and applications. Together with an intuitive user interface, they make it easier to process information, help you to visualize and analyze flows of scattered, multi-format data. This allows you to manage large sets of geospatial data, providing solutions to a wide range of tasks.

Geoplatforma IoT is a set of tools for collecting, storing, editing, visualizing and analyzing the incoming vector, bitmap and other data, grouped into layers and maps for a comprehensive study of processes, objects, their functioning and relations (topology). It consists of a digital database, software and hardware.


the software serves for high-quality display of maps, orthoimages of classified point clouds, 3D modelling on a special geoportal;
Data processing
automatic processing and analysis of geospatial data, geotagging;
simple integration of geospatial data into information systems of the client.

The product is registered in the state list of software.