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Mission сontrol сenter

Mission control center system facilitates the centralized control of UAV fleet. Control centralization enables a more sustainable use of material and human resources, which leads to a reduction of the cost of a flight hour, minimizes the human factor through automation and enhances the economic efficiency of operating UAVs. Using Mission control center, an operator can control up to five UAVs at the same time.


Mission control center is capable of integrating into a common airspace and exchanging data with the systems of air traffic control.

Mission control center can be used both within the operating organization and as a service for external customers (SaaS or IaaS).

Communication with an UAV can be provided with the use of radio, mobile or satellite channels.

Currently, there are no similar solutions on the Russian market. Now UAVs are controlled by ground control stations, each of which is designed to control only one UAV of a particular manufacturer. Thus, an employer is forced to have numerous highly qualified employees (UAS operators), who are constantly going on business trips, which affects the economic activity of the enterprise. Personnel’s high workload results in an increased accident risk rate.

According to preliminary estimates, the expected boost in economic efficiency after integrating Mission control center is up to 30%. This is exactly what makes this decision highly advantageous and cost-effective.