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Reduce flight costs of UAVs and minimize the possibility of an error by means of centralized control of your unmanned fleet.


Our Flight Control Center is a software and hardware system, which is composed of remote pilot stations and related infrastructure.

Flight Control Center creates a single environment for planning, control and monitoring of UAV flights. The project aims to centralize control of aircraft, to reduce flight costs and to integrate UAVs into a common airspace.

Flight Control Center performs a wide range of tasks, related to automation of airline operations, including the following:

accounting and planning of human and material resources,
integration with centers of air traffic management,
preparation of monthly, weekly and daily flight plans,
development and coordination of flight tasks,
improving the overall efficiency of an airline,
predictive analytics.

The system aggregates data coming from various communication channels (radio channels, satellite channels, GSM).

All of this greatly increases operational reliability of UAVs.