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Manage your resources efficiently. Analyze and plan your business processes with the help of Proles 2.0, providing automated collection of all the necessary data.


ProLes 2.0 controls logging, equipment dispatching, time and fuel consumption tracking at all stages of producing and transporting timber products and other operations. The basis for data processing is complex algorithms that analyze information from various sensors and, as a result, generate event alerts.

The multi-level system is composed of software, deployed on corporate servers, employees’ portable automated workstations (AWS), installed on tablets, as well as means of technical control fitted with GPS/GLONASS modules and mounted on equipment by default or additionally. Communication is carried out through mobile networks. Outside the coverage areas, the system elements are connected in a combined way: through Wi-Fi + SAT.

Automated workplaces help employees to keep track of basic operations, downtime, repairs, warnings about crossing the boundaries of a wood lot, to record transported timber by volume and storage point, to supervise the inventory of remaining raw materials and the preparation of accompanying documentation. Means of technical control transmit data about fuel consumption, operating time and location of equipment from standard PCs to the system.